Legion Fan Control

LegionFanControl v2 - Now Available

LegionFanControl v2 is a complete rework of LegionFanControl from the ground-up.

v2 includes a brand new UI and custom user fan curves for full live manual control over Lenovo Legion laptop fans. Users can set fan speeds and temperature points that activate immediately in real time.

LegionFanControl is completely free with no ads.


  • Full real custom Fan Curves!
    • Create a custom fan curve for each Power Mode
    • Decide the temperature points when the fan speeds will change
    • Decide what the fan speeds should be at each temperature point
    • The maximum allowed Fan Speed in the curve is dynamically determined based on Lenovo recommendations for your model
    • Stock Fan Curve settings are restored on exiting the application

  • Switch Legion Power Modes
    Will also switch corresponding Windows Power Plans if they exist

  • Windows Power Plan Control
    Choose whether switching the Legion Power Mode will also switch the corresponding Windows Power Plans if it exists. Some users may want to disable this behaviour if they use other tools to manage their Windows Power Plan switching events

  • Turbo Mode
    Removes laptop control of the fans so they run at their factory maximum speeds. Only available in Discrete Graphics Mode (Hybrid Off).

  • Hysteresis
    Determines how often LegionFanControl should check the current temperature before deciding to change fan speed or not. Accepted values are 0-9. Values represent a few seconds each, where 0 is the fastest and 9 is the slowest.

  • Read the current Fan Speed
    Now in RPM values

  • Fan acceleration speed
    Determines how quickly the fans accelerate or decelerate when it is time to change fan speeds. Accepted values are 2-7, where 2 is the fastest and 7 is the slowest.
    This feature is only available on 2021 and 2022 models.

  • Save custom fan curves and user settings
    Settings are auto-loaded at launch

  • Launch at Start-up
    LegionFanControl can optionally automatically launch when you log in to Windows

  • Start minimised
    LegionFanControl can optionally start minimised when launched

Known Compatible Models

  • Approximate Year: 2020
    Model Nickname: 5 Series AMD
    Full Model Names: Legion 5 15ARH05/Lenovo Legion 5 15ARH05H

  • Approximate Year: 2020
    Model Nickname: 5 Series Intel
    Full Model Names: Lenovo Legion 5 15IMH05S/Legion 5 15IMH05H/Legion 5 15IMH05/Legion 5P 15IMH05S/Legion 5P 15IMH05H/Legion 5P 15IMH05/Legion 5 17IMH05S/Legion 5 17IMH05H/Legion 5 17IMH05/Legion Y7000 2020H/Legion Y7000 2020/Legion Y7000P2020H/Legion Y7000P2020

  • Approximate Year: 2020
    Model Nickname: 5 Pro Series
    Full Model Names: Lenovo Legion 5-17ARH05H/ Legion 5-5P-15ARH05H

  • Approximate Year: 2021
    Model Nickname: 5, 5 Pro Series AMD 3050
    Full Model Names: Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6/R70002021/R7000P2021/5 17ACH6/5 Pro 16ACH6/R9000P2021

  • Approximate Year: 2021
    Model Nickname: 5, 5 pro, 7 Series AMD
    Full Model Names: Lenovo Legion 5 15ACH6H/R70002021H/Lenovo Legion R7000P2021H/5 15ACH6H/5 17ACH6H/5 Pro 16ACH6H/R9000P2021H/7 16ACHg6/7 16ACHg6 1/R9000K2021H

  • Approximate Year: 2021
    BIOS: H1CN
    Model Nickname: 5, 5 pro, 7 Series Intel
    Full Model Names: Legion 5 15ITH6/Legion Y70002021/Legion Y7000P2021/Legion 5 17ITH6/Legion 5 Pro 16ITH6/Legion Y9000P2021/Legion 5 15ITH6H/Legion Y70002021H/Legion Y7000P2021H/Legion 5 17ITH6H/Legion 5 Pro 16ITH6H/Legion Y9000P2021H/Legion 7 16ITHg6/Legion Y9000K2021H

  • Approximate Year: 2022
    BIOS: J2CN
    Model Nickname: 5, 5 Pro Series Intel
    Full Model Names: Legion 5 15IAH7H/Lenovo Legion 5 15IAH7H/Legion Y7000 IAH7H/Legion Y7000P IAH7H/Legion 5 15IAH7/Lenovo Legion 5 15IAH7/Legion Y7000 IAH7H/Legion Y7000P IAH7H/Legion 5 Pro 16IAH7H/Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16IAH7H/Legion Y9000P IAH7H/Legion 5 Pro 16IAH7/Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 16IAH7/Legion Y9000P IAH7

Known Incompatible Models

  • All 2018 models

  • All 2019 models

  • Approximate Year: 2020
    BIOS: E9CN
    Model Nickname: 7 Series / Creator 7
    Full Model Names: Lenovo Legion 7 15IMH05 / 15IMHg05 / Lenovo Legion Y9000K 2020 / Lenovo Legion Y9000K2020H / Lenovo Legion C7 15IMH05

  • Approximate Year: 2021
    Model Nickname: Slim 7
    Full Model Names: Legion S7 15ACH6 / Lenovo Legion R9000X2021R

  • Approximate Year: 2021
    BIOS: H3CN
    Model Nickname: IdeaPad Gaming 3
    Full Model Names: Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 15ACH6 / 15ACH6D

Other Models

LegionFanControl will automatically discover if your laptop is compatible at launch.


Current Version
2022-05-09 - v2.05


Legacy Version (no longer supported)
2022-03-19 - v1.26


LegionFanControl is provided as-is without support, however you can chat with other LegionFanControl users on the Unofficial Lenovo Legion Community Discord


LegionFanControl is provided "as is" without any warranty. Use of LegionFanControl is at the end-user's own risk.

The developer will not be held responsible for any damage caused as a result of installing or using this software.

LegionFanControl is not affiliated with Lenovo in any way.